Sunday, November 14, 2010

EDGE Shoe Couture & Perfection SPOILER release


EDGE Collection is making it's debute sometime in Winter 2010. It is owned by Nicki Jones (Tapstar321) a graphics designer slowly rising to the top. So far, the graphics look promising. To contact her look below. To follow her couture blog, look below also. (:

Nicki's Suite:

The Site:

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Perfection Magazine SPOILER

Alrighty! It's Danae agian! Well, since I haven't posted anything in a while I thought I should give you the inside new on Perfection Magazine! (My Magazine) First of all! The first Spoiler is OUT! The lovely JulitQa93 made this in less than a day! The model is Iovanca.

It would be a pleasure if you guys and girls would follow !

If you need to contact me for comment or questions feel free! I will leave my link below!

Username: mini_casie

Perfection Magazine:

Did I forget to say?
We were nominated into the Star Awards!

Don't forget to vote us there!

Thanks. . .

Danae Ashlynn

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