Saturday, August 7, 2010

Thank you and Sorry.

Patrick. You are great thank you. [:
Dear Beautule Group,

I am sorry to have copied your background, tabs color, the fonding and owning thing, and the post about projects. I hope I didn't miss anything.
I was lazy and it is a really long story to all of you EVers.
Sorry Lily and Amanda.
My name isn't Armit. It's Danae. She is my cousin.
I go onto her account all the time.
And I will keep coming on.

Moving on...

Writers of EVG.
I just noticed, we DON'T need writers for a group.
I am new to groups.
I didn't know until sombody made fun of me for putting the users up on the Staff Board.
Sorry, fir the inconvenience.

Good bye for now,



  1. hmmm ... i guest you needed me after all i told you groups need alot of work on

  2. You had me as the co-owner assistant, and now you suddenly TOOK MY POSITION away without notifying me. ??

  3. Flip off Rihanna,Leave Danae alone.
    Its not like your blog took off.

  4. Yes Cause Am Planning Mine Getting All Mine Ready You Just Went For It Without Planning.Flip Off? Kinda Old School :l