Saturday, July 31, 2010


Presently EVG is looking for staff so please click here:

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Apply Today! We can't wait to see what you guys got!

Thank You and Good Luck,



  1. Name: Evelyn
    Age: 13
    Stardoll usename: Lady_GAGA4ever
    Position you apply for: Co-owner
    Reason you apply for: Because I thought this might be fun and bringing so much more to Stardoll.
    What you will bring to EVG: I'll help, help most of all the owner, make it popular.

  2. Name: Megan.
    Age: 13
    Stardoll usename: soda-gal
    Position you appl for: writer.
    Reason you apply for: Well, I love writing, and It'll be fun. So why not? I know Im capable of being a good writer, so...
    What you will bring to EVG: Well, Im on stardoll almost everyday, so Im always here when theres news, or when big things happen, so I'll bring big news as early as posible, which will hopefully help boost the blogs popularity.

  3. Name:Mariam
    Stardoll usename: 4mariam
    Position you apply for: Writer
    Reason you apply for: Its Just My Dream To Write In This Blog , and i just love writing.
    What you will bring to EVG: i am on stardoll everyday , and i will bring news , updates , spoilers , and free stuff , but mostly news and updates :D. and i will Advertise this Blog in my clubs and presentation :)

  4. Name:
    Stardoll usename: Winniegirl123
    Position you apply for: 12
    Reason you apply for: I would really love to be part of a group as I never have before and would love to experience it.
    What you will bring to EVG: Everything I have! I will get lots of followers by advertising it EVERYWHERE!

    I would love to advertise EVG on my blog, check it out at

    Thank you for taking your time to read this and I hope you will consider me,
    Winniegirl123 - Catriona ♥

  5. name:Lizziee
    Position:Writer maybe.
    Reason i apply for:I realy love this blog and i would love too be aapart of it(:
    What you will bring too EVG:Every think i have too offer,And bring followers that comment!
    Thanks for reading Love Lizzie ♥

  6. Name: Habiba
    Age : 11
    Stardoll name : teenemogirl
    Position: Idea Givers
    Reason I Apply For : I Know Tooo Much ideas To tell you :)
    What You will Bring to EVG : I Will do the best and give the best ideas ever
    Thankss for Reading
    Bye For noww xoxo....teenemogirl

  7. Name: Chloe
    Age: 15
    Stardoll usename: Elleeae
    Position you apply for: Idea Giver :)
    Reason you apply for: I have good ideas & i'm creative so like...yeh, it'll be handy :)

  8. Name: Ella
    Age: 12
    Stardoll Username:-EllaEllaElla-
    Position you'd like to apply for: Media/Advertising
    Reason you apply for: I have lots of time and I want to make a difference on stardoll
    What you will bring to EVG: Contests for free advertizing